The Secret To Perfect Nails

Every woman who is on point with their beauty routine knows that nails can absolutely complete any look. Despite being such a small part of your body physically speaking, they make a huge different and can make you stand out from the crowd. But how exactly can you go from having mediocre nails to having absolutely perfect nails? Well we are going to explain some of the best tips and tricks out there to help you achieve nail perfection.

First things first – you need to make sure that the area surrounding your nails are clean and well taken care of. Even if you have the most beautiful nails in the world, they will not look good if you have poorly maintained skin surrounding the nails. Hangnails in particular are a huge eye sore when it comes to the area surrounding your actual nails and should be treated as soon as one presents itself to you.

Although some things just take time to heal when it comes to your nails and fingers in general, the best thing you can do long term is to avoid picking at them, or even worse biting them! I understand that they are easy targets when you are stressed out, but just remember that every time you inadvertently mess with your nails, you are effectively resetting the clock in terms of getting your fingers in perfect shape to hold beautiful nails. So just don’t do it, no matter how much you are tempted!

If your fingers surrounding your nails are great, then the next step to focus on are the nails itself. If you want to go with natural nails, then the main thing you can do to really make your nails stand out is to apply nail polish to them. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use a bright color, or even any color at all. For those who are more conservative or want a more reserved look, wearing clear nail polish is a great way to do that, creating a subtle yet noticeable shine to your nails.

However, colored nail polish is great as well, given that they present you with infinitely more options than just wearing some sort of clear nail polish. They can be perfectly suited to match your overall style, or more specifically to match your overall outfit. Nothing says a woman who knows what she is doing and how to rock her style than one who has nails that perfectly matches with the rest of her ensemble.

For those who want to take a less natural approach, false nails are the way to go. These are particularly great for two main reasons. The first is if you want really long nails but aren’t able to keep your nails in good condition long enough for them to grow out to the desired length. And the second reason is if you want intricate designs, since such complex designs can be perfectly created on the false nail before being mounted to your actual fingers, rather than trying to get that perfect design made onto your nails on the spot, which can take time and energy (and may never even turn out right in the end). False nails also have the added benefit of being removable, making them perfect for women who like to constantly change nails with as little time and effort exerted as possible.

As a last point, for those of you who may be stuck trying to figure out the best nails to get for themselves, simply find something that makes you feel absolutely beautiful and that’ll be the perfect style of nails to get for you!