Why Too Much Makeup Is Bad For Your Self-Image

It seems like young girls these days are getting into makeup at an increasingly early age. Girls as young as 10 or 11 are starting to experiment with makeup, with many of them incorporating them into their daily beauty routine almost immediately. And while there is nothing inherently bad about wearing makeup, it can quickly spiral into something negative, particularly when it comes to a woman’s self-image.

Makeup is great for fairly obvious reasons – they can cover up blemishes, help accentuate certain facial features, and otherwise make you look more beautiful than you already are. And what woman wouldn’t want to look more beautiful?

However, the problem is when a woman or young girl wears makeup constantly. It may just start out as wearing makeup on special occasions such as a wedding or a birthday party, or if you have a job interview. But eventually it can get to the point where they cannot leave the house without wearing makeup. Although you might scoff at the idea, the reality is that these women have become addicted to makeup.

They spend a significant portion of their savings on new makeup, not just buying makeup to replace what they used, but buying the latest and greatest makeup trend that they think will be beneficial to them too. And they wake up each and every morning thinking about how they are going to apply their makeup for the day. It should be obvious to any casual observer, but these addicted makeup users aren’t just spending a lot of money, but a lot of time as well. And it is not healthy.

In particular, there can be severe detriment to your overall self-image. For these women, their perception of themselves can quickly warp over time to the point where they don’t feel beautiful unless they are wearing as much makeup as humanely possible. They become obsessed with a perceived perfection that ultimately is not who they really are under the surface.

Sure we all would love to have a perfect face with no blemishes whatsoever, but no one is like that in reality. On the contrary, it is the imperfections within each of us that make us who we are and make us unique and interesting individuals. Any woman who does not recognize this fact, and instead relies on makeup to cover up their flaws all the time is not living life the way that they should be. Although they may be receiving compliments and passing glances from their romantic interests or even people on the street, in the long run, the affection they receive will be diminished greatly as those surrounding her realize that the makeup she is wearing to look better is actually being used to hide her true self, which is the opposite of exuding any woman’s true beauty.

Now this isn’t to say that you should never wear makeup again. Instead, we are just saying that it is important not to be overly reliant on makeup. You can definitely wear makeup on special occasions, and even on romantic dates. But wearing them every single time you leave the house, no matter what the occasion, is a very slippery slope to being addicted to makeup and constantly hiding your true beauty, which significantly damages your overall self-image (not to mention how you are perceived by others) in the long run.