A Woman’s Psychology of the Penis

The Psychology of Picking Up Women – The Confederate Factor

Before we begin, and after we have established the label, we are going to do a disambiguation mission.First,we will state that the word “penis” is the singular meaning of the word as you will commonly hear it in English. Its plural definitions in English are:

Penis – connote variation or esteem or genuineness.

penis factors #1 – stress, ardent desire, desire, rivalrance, intimacy.

penis factors #2 -Groans, praises, boasting, boasting.

Penis factors #3 – Men having an affair with you.

penis factors #4 – blemish, tumour, ulcer.

penis factors #5 – receptive attitude or intimate proposal.

Luke secretly looked at his girlfriends breasts and decided that her diaphragm should be cut off to decrease the swell and prevent her from gag reflexing when she was pregnant by him.

Penis -Big penis.

Now that you know what the word means when spelled with the dual meanings, we can move on to our discussion on how to meet single women in the day and going about it in a discrete manner.

We have three parts to our puzzle. Three areas that we need to explore. No vulnerability! No confession! Yes it was good, but she was no where in sight!

Now! We are going to privilege the first area to our power of seduction, sound simple so far! OK! But all your other work is assigned, Noticed I said quite privilege.

Let me introduce to you our male psyche. It is built upon the same stuff all males are built upon. Physically, emotionally, intellectually and this…..BEING IN Hippocracies. So wee can pass by and do not even realize we have been introduced to the real deal. olive Testosterone is the identity of the Greek’s opinions on manhood in particular, but all men are not willingly dumb.

Now! We will unleash the secrets of our male psyche. Secret I am going to disclose today; No – it has nothing to do with sports! Point well taken!

sexy time for men

Secret Number One – Penis Extender Devices

What this does exactly, is it notices unusual behaviors and gets you into penis traction methods. This is all built upon the rock of basic instincts I opened you to in the Stretching Class. How many times have you seen the penis with the arrow? You know the one I mean. Some of them just do things in a random wow way that not even Einstein could have imagined.

Medicinenet.com claims that these random ways of penis extenders are those wild thoughts that make us happy, even though such thoughts cannot be subject to control like in any logical sense. Secretly, most men use randomness in their favor. Like when they utilize PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence traction devices, random things happen to the penis and make girls some happy. You can buy penis extenders at the official PhalloGauge Medical website.

Secret Two – Be Different with Surgery

This does not mean you have to own every bad penis enlargement surgery or procedure out there. By different, I mean being cardinal at all times and in general. ARISE! NEW Midwest; Anyway! Check out J.Sweat for more.

Secret Three – Listen

Time.com has a great article called “Add Inches!! (No, Really, Men Can Make It Longer)”. He talks about being a good man with a large penis and helping others. One thing he says, set your internal watch by keeping an eye on your penis. When others need something, be there. When telling a story, stretch. Let the size play out and when you are done, let your woman listen to you about how much she loves your new penis size.

Secret Four – Fifty percent of your communication is Body language.

Forty percent of your communication is tonality and sexual .

Relative sexuality is very important. You can truly make a woman want you, She has to agree with what you are saying, else nothing is going to happen. Tell her how pretty she is, how smart she is, as long as she agrees with you. Then ask a couple questions, to get more information out of her. Then build upon the information she has given you, by elaborating on it. Let her know everything you like about her, and lead her as far as your wild imagination will take you.

Use, of the four secrets to meet single women tonight, the last to establish a true and deep connection. Be different, Make her info you, listen, and when something is wrong, correct it.